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Dear New Lease Customer:

Welcome to Americas #1 Commercial Dish Machine "Lease To Own" website.

In this site you will find methods of renting and leasing brand new dish machines with just a dollar buyout far below current market pricing. I would like to invite you to apply and we can quickly figure out which program will suit you and your business best. Generally we will have an answer for you within 2 hours Mon-Sunday and can get most any business, new or old approved on one of our top tier programs. By being in a top tier you will receive a very low lease payment and be on your way to owning the equipment in a very short term.

I currently own a very successful Ware Washing Chemical and Service business in South Florida and can't figure out why so many people are still renting dish machines indefinitely from the bigger Chemical Companies. In most cases an average restaurant owner or commercial business owner will pay off the rented machine 7 x for the Chemical Company and that's money you could have invested into your business and not theirs. I always offer my customers a lease to own first because it's in their best interest and not mine. We have over 700 extremely happy references and have no problem sharing them with anyone who applies through us today!

The Dish Machines we sell, and lease to own are all made in the USA and manufactured by American Dish Service in Kansas and Jackson Manufacturing in Kentucky. Your average commercial Dish Machine today will run over 15 years no problem with good preventative maintenance. Any qualified, local chemical company in any state or city near your business will gladly service your dish machine free of charge as long as you purchase chemicals from their line of institutional ware washing products. Don't get trapped into long term, auto renewing or indefinite rental contracts with large chemical companies. Get a lease to own today and start saving money now. I will quickly send you a new, high quality dish washer that brings you many years of happy cleaning and I would also like to include free freight as well. We have options for installation as well so you don't have to worry about getting the machine installed yourself. You can start by filling out the application attached and reviewing the machines we have listed on the site. This is a very simple process and I'd like to personally have one of my highly trained techs walk you through which machine best suits your needs today. Please start by calling 888-539-2896 or emailing directly to and you will be quickly walked through step by step what needs to be done to receive your brand new American Dish Machine today.

Matt Prager, President
Maria Albertorio, Vice President
Brilliant Leasing Corporation, United States