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Dishwasher for restaurants used

The dishwashing service has always been a cumbersome activity in large or small but rushed hotels. The customers always complained lack of cleanliness in dishes or somehow the serving staff would have to face the non availability of dishes because they were in the manual washing room. The used dishwasher for restaurants has minimized the manly effort hence the complaints. The Brilliant Leasing Corporation is flourishingly serving the hotel industry throughout Florida with the commercial restaurant dishwashers as it washes the dishes very quickly with the allowed chemical and washing powders in controlled heating environment.

Some the characteristics of commercial restaurant dishwashers

We estimate your business needs and advocate you to buy the small restaurant dishwashers if the scope of your business is limited. It completely fulfills your dishwashing needs.

Every latest technology used dishwasher for restaurants is available at our premises whether you want to buy them or lease them.

We give you the option either to lease the restaurant dishwasher or buy it. as both the option are very economical but the decision solely depends on your business operations. You may find the restaurant dishwasher on lease very economical as it cost you very low in comparison to purchasing the brand new.

All the commercial restaurant dishwashers are manufactured in the United States under the kind supervision of the American Dish Washer Kentucky.

They are armed with the latest spraying tool that washes your dishes with extra care to make it spotless. The spraying tools spray the heated water in each and every corner of the dishes. The healthy and stain removing solutions are added to the water in commercial restaurant dishwashers to make the dishes more clean and reusable soon.

Although the small restaurant dishwashers are manufactured for small businesses whereas, they are capable enough to work efficiently in hotels having lots of customers.

Apart from the small chain of restaurants the dishwasher for restaurants can be used for medium size and large restaurants where it gives the ultimate dishwashing solution.

The heat can be controlled for the water used in the commercial restaurant dishwashers according to the material of the dishes. The high temperature water can be used for glass and china dishes whereas the thermostat can be lowered down for plastic made and other dishes.

Apart from the single rack, the restaurant dishwasher on lease can work simultaneously in the double racks of the dishes as well.

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To get the economical and tension-free commercial dishwasher leasing services that fits in the available space, according to the scope of your business and fits in your budget then you may feel free to contact us either by filling the online form at or call us at 888-539-2896 for a quick approval.